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Some legacy material


Data, tools and file formats evolve, and this web site tends to present the latest stable versions of these. However, some users may wish to continue to use previous versions of any of these. The present page collects what is hopefully a relevant sample of these.

It is also possible to browse the directory.

Software and related formats

The IVTFF format is now at version 2.0. Documentation of the previous version (1.7) may be found here.

The latest version of IVTT is 2.0, and this is most suitable for IVTFF format version 2.0. The previous version (1.3) was more suitable for handling files in IVTFF format version 1.7. The IVTT software version 1.3 may be found here, and its user manual may be found here.

Older versions of transliteration files

Only versions in their native transliteration alphabet are kept. STA versions can be recreated using Bitrans. Unless indicated otherwise, files use IVTFF format 1.7. Format differences can probably be ignored. (I will check this!)


Version 0d - (C-D_ivtff_0d.txt)

Version 1a - (CD_ivtff_1a.txt)


Version 1e - (FG_ivtff_1e.txt)

Takeshi Takahashi

Version 0a - (TT_ivtff_v0a.txt) - IVTFF format 1.5

Version 0b - (IT_ivtff_0b.txt) - IVTFF format 1.6

Version 1a - (IT_ivtff_1a.txt)

Zandbergen - Landini

Version 1b - (ZL_ivtff_1b.txt) - IVTFF format 1.5

Version 1c - (ZL_ivtff_1c.txt) - IVTFF format 1.6

Version 1r - (ZL_ivtff_1r.txt)

Version 2b - (ZL_ivtff_2b.txt)

GC / v101

Version 0c - (GC_ivtff_0c.txt)

Version 1b - (GC_ivtff_1b.txt)

Previous STA definition

The present version of STA is the first release STA-1. When STA was first presented at the 2022 Voynich conference, it was still ISTA-16 (intermediate STA version 16).

The definition of families and the full format defition of this previous version will remain available here for a limited period of time.


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