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The Voynich MS - Picture Galleries

  1. Illustrations of the MS
  2. Portrait gallery
  3. Locations gallery

Gallery 1: Illustrations of the MS

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University has published the entire MS in the form of high-resolution and high-quality colour scans. We are greatly indebted to the library for this service. The MS has already been digitised twice. The first time, in 2004, the images were represented in the MrSid format, and also distributed as JPEG's. The second time, in 2014, the images were represented in PNG (and JPEG) format.

Beinecke Library images

Visit the >>Digital images database of the Beinecke Rare Book and MS Library.
These are the images from the second digitisation in 2014.

Other sources for Voynich MS images

A very convenient way of browsing the Voynich MS is by using a >>tool developed by Jason Davies called the Voynich MS Voyager. The images used here are those from the first digitisation in 2004. This does not play a big role in most cases, with as main exception the illustration of the zodiac sign Leo, which in this older series is only partially visible.

At this site, easy access to both sets of digital images is provided via the "MS Browser", which is reached via this button (available on most pages):

Gallery 2: Portrait Gallery

See the portrait gallery for portraits of key people related to the Voynich MS, including previous owners and important analysts.

Gallery 3: Locations of the MS

See the location gallery for images of the places where the Voynich MS probably resided in the course of its history.

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