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The Voynich MS - Bibliography and references


This page includes:

  1. A brief summary of some library resources and collections of material related to the Voynich MS:
    Beinecke Library, Grolier Club, Marshall Library.
  2. Internet resources related to the Voynich MS:
    Discussion boards, Wikis, Blogs and web sites, Herb identification, Proposed solutions.
  3. Bibliography of printed publications and references used at this site.

Libraries holding collections of material related to the Voynich MS


Following are the three main sources for archive material related to the Voynich MS. More detailed information about their holdings, and a list of additional archives, is provided on a dedicated page   (1).

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University

The first and foremost resource is that of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University:

More detailed information about the Beinecke library's holdings related to the Voynich MS may be found here.

Yale University Press has issued >>a very affordable photo facsimile with accompaying essays about the MS, in October 2016.

Yale also provides a >>summary overiew of the book, and there is a >>blog entry including a short video explaining the complicated production process.

In addition, an expensive, hand-made replica of the Voynich MS is being produced and sold by the spanish company Siloé, who are experts in the reproduction of old manuscripts. 898 numbered copies have been produced.

Before the availability of the digital scans, the library provided printout copies of an early B/W microfilm made of the MS to interested researchers (the so-called "copyflo").

The Grolier club in New York

When Hans P. Kraus decided to donate the Voynich MS to the Beinecke Library of Yale University, he also had a large amount of material that had been left behind, in turn, by Wilfrid Voynich, Ethel Voynich and Anne Nill. He gave everything that seemed to be related to the Voynich MS to the Beinecke library, as indicated already above. The remaining, extensive material (related to the antiquarian book business and to ELV's literary work) was given to the Grolier Club of bibliophiles in New York, of which he was a member.

As a result of this, the >>Grolier Club library hosts a complete set of Voynich's sales catalogues, and additional material (letters etc.) which is >>summarised here.

More detailed information about the Grolier Club's holdings related to the Voynich MS may be found here.

The George C. Marshall Library in Lexington (Va.)

The home page of the Marshall Library may be found >>here. Its main interest for the study of the Voynich MS is the collection of >>William F. Friedman papers which includes a significant amount of material related to the MS from both William and Elizebeth Friedman. This includes transcriptions of the MS by the Voynich MS study groups and correspondence. It also includes the Petersen hand transcription of the MS.

More detailed information about the Marshall Library's holdings related to the Voynich MS may be found here.

Internet resources


It is not possible to present a complete or even a representative list of internet resources about the Voynich MS. The following is an overview of sources I am aware of, that are either important, or interesting for one reason or another. I welcome information about missing or broken links (2).

The links are provided in order to present the wide variety of opinions about the Voynich MS. The inclusion of any link does not imply that I endorse its contents. To the contrary:

  1. I strongly object to any offensive statements about people and institutions that may be found in some of these sites.
  2. I will not include links to blogs or web sites that are clearly including such offensive statements.

See also the general disclaimer for this site.

Discussion boards

The list of active internet discussion fora dedicated to the Voyinch MS is changing continuously. It is almost impossible to provide a useful overview. Several of them are personal BLOG's that allow anyone to add comments. Their quality can assume a very wide range from very good to disastrous, and, apart from some special cases, I will refrain from assigning a quality label.

The two fora that are not personal blogs are the following:


There are Wikipedia entries about the Voynich MS in many different languages, confirming the interest that the MS enjoys worldwide. Following are links to the two main Wikipedia entries, in English and in German. One may reach the versions in other languages through either of these.

>>The Voynich MS entry in the general English Wikipedia.
>>The Voynich MS entry in the general German Wikipedia.

Some dedicated wiki's and wiki books have been started, but most if not all of these seem to have been abandoned.

Sites and blogs with general information

There are innumerable web sites that copy or reformulate information about the Voynich MS available elsewhere. I don't consider it possible (and it hardly seems interesting) to list all of them here. All of the web sites and blogs listed below include some original information.

Herb identification

The tentative identification of herbs in the Voynich MS has always been a topic of special interest, which is witnessed by the number of dedicated sites:

Some proposed text solutions

Earlier solutions have appeared in print and are presented in cronological order: Newbold (1928); Feely (1943); Strong (1945); Brumbaugh (1974), (1975), (1976); Child (1976), (2007); Stojko (1978); Levitov (1987).

Modern proposed solutions, available on-line, are presented in no particular order. I need to stress that there are many, many more proposed solutions, but most of these are not available at internet sites. The selection below is therefore not representative.

Bibliography and References

The following bibliography includes both general works about the Voynich MS and related material, and publications cited anywhere at this web site. The very specialised references related to the history of the MS between 1665 and 1912, and the Society of Jesus in Rome, are collected here. Items in the bibliography that are not (yet) referred to at this site are marked with a † symbol (5).

Note about sorting order: prefixes like 'De' (etc) are considered part of the name, and are sorted under 'D' (etc).


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