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This way...

Starting with a map...

The setting

Villa Mondragone (exterior) (Foto: Nils Finderup)

Main courtyard (Foto: Nils Finderup)

Main courtyard (opposite direction) (Foto: David Francesconi)

Garden courtyard) (Foto: Nils Finderup)

Garden portico of Vasanzio, where later lunch was served (Foto: Nils Finderup)

Sala delle Cariatidi (Foto: David Francesconi)

The event

The meeting room (Sala degli Svizzeri) before the start of the event (Foto: René Zandbergen)

Who wouldn't want to register here... (Foto: David Francsconi)

Pre-Rudolfine history of the MS (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Setting up for forensic analysis of the MS (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Folio 116v - a recipe (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Lunch - by the Consorzio Frascati DOC

The wines (Foto: Oreste Molinari)

The regional snacks (Foto: Oreste Molinari)

Both enjoyed by all present (Foto: David Francesconi)

Co-organisers Claudio Foti and Michelle Smith (Foto: Oreste Molinari)

The Media

The omni-present Canadian film crew (Foto: David Francesconi)

Interviewing... (Foto: Nils Finderup)

and the Italian media in the Sala Rossa... (Foto: Nils Finderup)

Day 2, Scuderie Aldobrandini

(Foto: Rafal Prinke)

(Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Nothing goes without food and drink

Thursday evening (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Friday evening (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Friday evening (Foto: Rafal Prinke)

Foti, Smith, Zandbergen, 2012
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