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Voynich MS - List of additional material


At a number of places at this web site one may find links to more detailed information about, or investigations into very specific topics. They are identified by this arrow:

Such topics are usually summarised in the main sequence of the text, while the more detailed discussions are kept in dedicated pages outside this main sequence. This page is a collection of all these links, to make it easier to locate them again after an earlier visit.

Related to the description of the MS

Description of the Voynich MS: special topics.

A visual representation of the layout of the Voynich MS.

Related to the illustrations in the MS

A list of tentative herb identifications of the Voynich MS herbal section made from the 1930's to the 1960's.

A description of the famous Helios miniature in codex Vat.Gr.1291, which contains a copy of Ptolemy's handy table. This miniature includes nymphs which are very similar in style to the nymphs in the zodiac pages of the Voynich MS.

A description of an illustration in an old Greek astronomical MS once kept in Turin. It has similarities to fols. f1r and f67r2 of the Voynich MS. This page is not yet complete.

Related to the origin of the MS

Origin of the Voynich MS: special topics.

An explanation of the details of the radiocarbon dating of the Voynich MS that was performed in 2009.

Related to the history of the MS

History of the Voynich MS: special topics.

Biographies of most of the people who once owned the Voynich MS, or are otherwise closely related to its history.

A description of the catalogue of Rudolph's museum. This catalogue was written in 1607 and rediscovered in the 1960's. It does not seem to mention the Voynich MS.

Description of Jacobus de Tepenec ex libris found in other books.

Transcriptions and in some cases translations of old letters that deal with the early history of the Voynich MS, written or received by Marci, Kircher et al.

Quotations and in some cases translations of source texts that illustrate or highlight some aspect of the history of the Voynich MS.

A local copy of Xavier Ceccaldi's web site describing his detailed analysis of the circumstances around Voynch's purchase of books from the Villa Mondragone.

The vicissitudes of the Society of Jesus

A critical examination whether the Voynich MS was really stored in Villa Mondragone.

A reconstruction of the list of manuscripts that Voynich acquired from the Jesuits in 1911-1912 (including the Voynich MS).

A detailed analysis why the Voynich MS is not a "modern" fake by Wilfrid Voynch.

Related to the research of the MS

Research of the history of the Voynich MS: special topics.

Currier's important paper from the 1976 Voynich MS symposium. This HTML version only has the main text. The full paper with all the long tables is available also in separate files in PostScript format at a >> page prepared by J. Reeds and mirrored by J.Stolfi or, converted to PDF, via this link.

Translation by Jacques Guy of a set of articles by B. Sukhotin.

Transcription of the complete correspondence of Voynich with the Prague state archives.

A report of an ad hoc Voynich meeting held in Teddington, UK, June 1998.

The report of the 100-year conference at Villa Mondragone.

Related to transliteration of the MS text

Transliteration of the Voynich MS text: special topics.

The definition of a Super Translation Alphabet, which is a superset of all existing alphabet, which allows representation of all transliterations in the same alphabet.

Related to analysis of the MS text

Analysis of the Voynich MS text: special topics.

A cluster analysis of Voynich MS pages performed and described by Mary D'Imperio in January 1992, based on Currier's above-mentioned paper.

An article looking at some statistical variations of the 'language' of the Voynich manuscript in each of the sections (Herbal, Astrological, Biological, etc). This largely complements Currier's discussion of the A and B languages, is, however, unfortunately incomplete (some of the text was lost).

An article related to the above, but written a few years earlier. Identifies some more preliminary text characteristics of the different sections.

An article looking at the entropy of the text in the Voynich MS, and in particular at the question how it is possible that the MS text has a normal vocabulary size, relatively short words, but still a low character-level entropy.

A mathematical description of an alternative Method for Hidden Markov Modelling.

A critical analysis of a paper published in 2016 by Hauer and Kondrak (see ref.).

Translation by Jacques Guy of a set of articles by B. Sukhotin.


Some trivia related directly or indirectly to the Voynich MS or to Wilfrid Voynich.

What happened with an Aristotle MS bought by Voynich at the same time as the Voynich MS.

A remarkable pair of manuscripts that are mentioned in the catalogue of Rudolf's Kunstkammer.


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